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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Update: Saxgourmet Endorsers Chosen

Don't take my word for the Saxgourmet alto and tenor saxophone. Steve and the folks at Orpheus have jointly announced that JAY BECKENSTEIN and TOM SCOTT are endorsing the new line of Saxgourmet saxophones. Jay got his horn last week and dug it the most, but 16-time Grammy nominee Tom Scott (whose solo on Carol King's Jazzman changed my world in the early seventies) got downright poetic.

Here's the message Tom sent to Steve when his new Saxgourmet tenor arrived:


Hi Steve:

The horn is FABULOUS!! Why do the high notes pop out so easily? Never
mind, I withdraw the question--it doesn't really matter. What does matter
is that you have created a:



I'm playing a club tonite with Greg Adams (former Trumpet player from Tower
of Power) and I'll be sure to get some promo pix.....


NOW IS THE TIME to get your order in with your dealer. To find your dealer by contacting


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