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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A little teaser

OK, I'll be leaving Friday the 1st of December to join Star Princess for a couple weeks.

These last few weeks have been very exciting times for me, because of all the fuss over the Saxgourmet alto and tenor. Now this! Here's a photo that I was sent of Tom Scott playing with perhaps the best band I could imagine putting together nowawadays.

From the left, Terrance Blanchard, George Duke, Tom (cradling the alto he received after the tenor arrived, see previous post), Steve Gadd, and Marcus Miller. I wish I knew the circumstances under which this picture was taken, and as soon as I do I'll throw them out to the group mind on this blog.

They do appear to be having a great time, which probably means everybody had a look and a listen to that alto Tom's holding and sought a way to express their approval. And that does seem to be what they're doing.

More on this later . . .

I'll be bringing one of these wonderful altos with me when I play on the Star. I'll be able to add to this blog when I'm out in the Caribbean, courtesy of a couple dollar an hour internet places in Cozumel.

I'll also be bringing me new Pearl flute, a Pearl piccolo (anybody want to buy and Opermann?), and a Pearl alto flute if I can squeeze it between my Javascript and PHP books.

And when I get back, I'll have some great news about a fantastic new place where you can come out and try out many of the instruments I've been telling you about, in Austin, Texas.


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