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Monday, December 18, 2006

Back from the Star with an answered mystery

I'm back from a two-week trip on the Star Princess, two turns around the Caribbean. Saw Dave Cutler, the drummer from the Star last summer in the Baltic, who is now on the Sea Princess. Wonderful drummer, and I'm from a family of wonderful drummers, so I ought to know.

Now I know why (besides his new alto) Tom Scott is smiling with the rest of the incredible band in the picture a couple postings below. He was rehearsing for a gig with NANCY WILSON! Not the rock-n-roll Nancy Wilson either, but the kick ass jazz singer who adorned so many album covers in the sixties with her slinky gowns. The one who sang with Cannonball. THAT Nancy Wilson.

Anyway, I'll have some things to say about my equipment on the ship soon as I process it.

Later on!


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