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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News from the Front

Another couple of trade shows are looming this weekend and next. The Texas Bandmasters Association will convene at the end of this week, with the tradeshow floor opening Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then a couple days off and we move in to the Austin Convention Center for Summer NAMM.

Steve Goodson will be at both shows. Of the two, I suspect that TBA in San Antonio will be the easiest for a civilian to attend. You can actually buy a day pass, for $20 if memory serves.

And what's Orpheus been up to?

Well, we no longer deal with Pearl Flutes. And we've expanded or own flute lines so there's a lot of quality that overlaps and meets the lost models with a little price drop. (A lot more flutes are on the way, including a hand-made series along with altos and basses.)

We will be showing clarinets, 2 Bb models and a bass to low C. We'll have a prototype oboe and pic. We just need a bassoon and we'll have all of the woodwinds. Stay tuned.

I got to write and design all the pass-out catalog sheets for the shows. We did one for clarinets (shown), one featuring Tom Scott for Saxgourmet, another for Steve Goodson Models--a double truck, one for DVDs of repairs, one for replacement Mark 6 necks, one for Richad Eg├╝es Model Flutes, and one for Vespro, which seem to be selling themselves, as they should.

We are going to have a few of the new Orpheo model saxophones at the show.

Lots of stuff, in other words.

We'll be showing the


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