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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Where do the months go?

Man oh man, have we been busy. Trade show season came and went, and several new models have percolated through the system. Tom Ridenour came on board, as have Karen and Twyla, aka Better 'n New Band Repair. More on all this later.

Steve Goodson, acting on my suggestion, has a Blogger site where he lays the whole thing bare about what it means to design things that are made half a world away. If you are interested in why Asia is where virtually ALL of the saxophones will be made in the next couple years, READ STEVE'S BLOG!

Spent the last couple days doing a total re-do of the Orpheus website in iWeb. Terrific program as long as you don't string out the visitor too much or have even the hint of ecommerce. Apple continues to build these terrific tools that don't cover just 2% of the situations. I guess 98% isn't bad.

Saw Eddie Daniels tonight at Temple Collge, an hour up the road from home. Great, great, great. He makes clarinet seem so damned effortless, which I not it not to be. When I got home I had an email from Max Lyon saying Tony Scott, one of the great clarinet players, died at his home in Rome.


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